Company Profile

ThinkHealth is an IT-enabled Healthcare Services Company with expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Mobile Healthcare Solutions, and Healthcare Data Analytics. We are at the forefront of using new generation technologies and processes to tackle healthcare problems like never before.

ThinkHealth Services provides specialized BPO services to Healthcare Organizations. With deep clinical domain expertise in Healthcare BPO operations, we help companies increase operating efficiency through cost-effective, value-generating customer contact and back-office processing centers.

ThinkHealth also offers technology support and contact center solutions for remote patient monitoring solutions. Our technology and back office services assist people with chronic diseases in managing their health, while bridging the gap between patients and caregivers in order to improve management of chronic illnesses.

On the mobile front, ThinkHealth offers specialized M-Health services with end to end in-house expertise in delivering health content through various mobile platforms including SMS, USSD, CBC and VOICE. Our innovative wireless solutions provide true value to our customers, thereby improving health outcomes.