Managed SMS Services

ThinkHealth offers personalized and automated SMS services to Hospitals & Clinics to improve their customer-life-cycle management.

Using our proprietary software, Hospitals & Clinics can improve clinical outcomes through improved adherence, get their patients to seek proper & timely care, and reduce appointments no-shows. They can also send customized and personalized interventions to improve patient adherence to post-discharge regimens and reduce re-hospitalizations. Moreover, Hospitals & Clinics can imprint their brand on patients as well as family members or caregivers by involving all of them in delivering post-discharge care.

Benefits to Hospitals & Clinics:
  • A unique initiative to build customer loyalty
  • Patients will be engaged/linked with the hospital/clinic month after month
  • Reduced re-admission rate for patients
  • Easy to dispense any information, update, event, workshop etc. to previous or existing patients.
  • Less calls to Doctors for various precautionary confirmations

Benefits to Patients:
  • Appointment and medication reminders
  • Health education to encourage action on the part of the patient
  • Time and cost saving for the patient – increased patient compliance
  • Constant engagement with hospital/clinic