Coordinated Care Management Suite

mCura is a complete, scalable, and effective solution for the entire healthcare community with a flexible platform that can influence and integrate relevant modules and with external systems too. It is our aspiration to initiate a high-performing healthcare system, where all those engaged in the care of the patient are linked together in secure and interoperable environments, and where the flow of clinical data directly enables the most comprehensive, patient-centered, safe, efficient, and effective delivery of care where and when it is needed most – at the point of care.

We strongly believe that the healthcare providers/ organizations should have all the relevant clinical data available to them anytime/anywhere, to make the right decision. Built on this belief, "Coordinated Care Management Suite" presents the right data at your FINGERTIPS.

    Key Features
  • Practice management
  • tPOE System ( Tablet based Physician Order entry)
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Drug index reference
  • Medical advisory
  • Referral management
  • Continuity of care management
  • Medication Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Patient flow & Visitation broadcasting
Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Native iPad EMR application for Doctors
  • Integrated Web application for Pharmacy, Lab, Nurse & Front office mgmt
  • Configurable Mobile Messaging Gateway with SMS/Video Alerts for Patient care